Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Hunter's 1st Day of Kindergarten

Hunter started Kindergarten yesterday morning and I am actually doing great!  Well, I may have been a little upset becuase he was excited to go and didnt look back...I was waiting for some emotional goodbye, but I didnt get it.   He was so happy and proud of himself to be there.  I also think he is happy to get to not have to stare at me and fight with Drake all day.  Plus, I think any anxiety he has had about starting kindergarten and being at a new school (which he definitely has had) has been put to rest after seeing a bunch of his friends who already started at other schools and loving it so much.

7:40 am...my BIG BOY!

Being silly with one of his friends Jack.  They went to pre-school together and were excited to be in the same school again.

His picture in front of the flag pole.  This is special becuase every morning they have "flag raising" where they say the Pledge of Allegiance, then students are asked to speak on a Bible Verse and say how it applies to their life, they sing a song, repeat a Bible Verse, say the Lords Prayer, etc.  I went to this same school and I remember doing all this myself and it is such a great way to start the school day!

Hanging up his bag in his cubby

A picture with his teachers, Mrs. Bethurum and Mrs. Griffin...they are so so sweet!

Then all the parents stayed for the first flag raising of the year.  This is where I got so teary eyed!
We watched all the classes walk out and take their place in front of the flag pole...the Kindergarten stands in the front and they looked so little and wide eyed.
(Hunter knew we were taking his picture so of course he was making a silly face!)

I know it will be a wonderful year for Hunter and I just cannot believe he is in KINDERGARTEN!!!!!


  1. What a big boy! He is so handsome and I can't wait to hear about his adventures in kindergarten. What a great sounding school!!

  2. Wow I agree with Jennifer..the school sounds wonderful! Can't believe he is in kindergarten. One more year for us before Simms is in K and I'm already thinking about it!

  3. Go Hunty!!! He is such a big boy now! Looks so grown up in his attire. Love him!

  4. He is so so handsome, Caroline! I definitely see a lot of Kyle in him. So precious. I hope he has a great year at school.

  5. NO way Hunter-man is old enough to be in Kindergarten! He looks so sweet in his uniform! I know he will have a great year! xo

  6. Did you really just have a baby? You look awesome and the Hunter's new school sounds pretty awesome too. Hope ya'll are doing well!