Friday, August 31, 2012

Catching up from the lake

We went to the lake the first week of August but right after we got back soccer started, Hunty started Kindergarten, and we lost a good family friend amongst other things, so I got behind on this lake post.  I had to post about it though because it was our only time away from home this summer since I had the baby on lock down!  But I was so happy for a change of scenery and as usual the boys had fun.

Hunty, my animal lover finding a baby frog...

And a baby lizard

And gettig to see the duck family each afternoon

Loving on Sweet Baby Ty (SBT)

Getting some good lake time in doing differnt things

Hunty built some boats with Pop with a stick he found in Nashville and saved for a long time

and getting to see if they float...which they do!

Getting to spend time with our sweet cousins Anne Morgan and Jason

Hunty did LOTS and LOTS of coloring with Grammie.  He was always the first one awake so he and Grammie had their special time each morning coloring.  He loves color by number and he can read now so he can tell you what color's name is next to each number since we have been doing it a ton since we got home.

Getting to see some of our best friends in the whole world...Jeffery and Laura

and their sweet little boy, Dillon

Great getting to meet Ty for the first time

bowling in Great's kitchen

Ty getting a bath in Grammie's sink...

And then he was mesmarized by a mosaic that Sophie had done.  He was literally staring at it and cooing at it.  He loved it so much that we brought it home with us and Hunter would hold it in front of him in the car when he got fussy.  Thanks Sophie!!!!:)


  1. SO FUN!I LOVE the pic of Ty asleep in your arms. He is so sweet!!!

  2. Sweet pictures! We had so much fun getting to see all of you! I love that very first picture of Hunter!