Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hunter is 6!!!

I cannot believe I am a mother of a 6 year baby is 6!!!! 
 I could go on and on bout this little man...but will try and keep it short:  
He can test Kyle and I more than anyone I know
He is incredibly stubborn
But more than those two things, he is one of the smartest little guys I know
He loves puzzles
He loves intricate color by numbers
He can name most all the states in our country
He can count to 1,000 by tens
He has only been in Kindergarten for 3 weeks and can already read almost everything he sees (it is shocking and now Kyle and I really have to be careful what we have out, what we watch, what we try to spell).
He has a big sense of humor and has the most infectious laughs...I can also see him having a very dry sense of humor when he gets older.
He loves tiny legos
He loves soccer and baseball and is very very fast.
He loves to beat up and boss his little brother Drake around, but he loves to sing and love on his baby brother Ty.
He loves to snuggle with Kyle and me
He loves to come get in our bed in the early morning
He LOVES animals and is kind to all of them
He still misses Divot
He asks lots of questions about God
He loves music
He LOOOOVES Angry Birds!

The morning of his birthday we began the Angry Bird theme for his birthday this year...

My big 6 year old ready for school and getting ready for some cinnamon rolls and a cupcake before school

Little man smiling for Hunter's Birthday

I was so excited to be able to make cupcakes for Hunter's school!  At his pre-school we could not bring in a snack due to all the allergies, so all we could do was to come in a read a book.  So it was fun this time getting to make these for Kindergarten!
(I copied these from the crafting chick's blog...hers were way cuter, but I did my best!)

And now I need to back up a parents were going to be out of the country over Hunter's birthday so we celebrated with them the Saturday before.

My dad did a scavenger hunt (which we video taped but got no pictures of)
which ended at his car...

A new basketball goal!

First Angry Bird cake of the week

And because they were out of town they sent pictures to Hunter of "people wishing them Happy Birthday all around the world."  These were just a few pictures they sent him that were some of my favorites...

(Have no clue who this lady is...other than it is a waitress)

I do know this guy!

But not this one...but that cheese looks yummy!

My personal favorite

Hunty's Birthday Party

And the life size angry bird game that we made...and it was so fun!!!

And the sling shot that Kyle made...I am so happy to be married to a handy man!

And they got some swimming in too

Starting the hunt for the Golden Eggs

All the eggs had gummy worms in them except one egg had a red angry bird in it and Drew found it and won an angry bird kite

Smashing the pinata 


  1. What a great birthday! You have such a fun family!

  2. Oh Caroline the party looks so fun!!!!! You always do a fabulous job at throwing parties. And I LOVE your parents sending him pics all day wishing him a happy birthday! How cute!!! So glad we got to see you and hate we couldn't stay longer. Love you all!!!!

  3. What an adorable party! I know absolutely nothing about Angry Birds but I do know that the party and the cupcakes were super cute! I can't believe that Hunter is SIX (nor can I believe that I forgot to call!) Happy birthday big boy! And what a cute family!!

  4. You are SO creative! I can't wait to see Drake's birthday party! Happy happy birthday to Hunter!!!

  5. That is the cutest party ever!! Love the slingshot!! :)

  6. Happy Birthday to Hunter!! Cute party!

  7. You need to start party planning for kiddos parties. You are SO good at it!!! Cannot believe he is 6...that seems SO old!!! And yay for reading!! He has always been so bright. Happy big day, Huntie!