Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Another Batch of Cousins!

Well, not too long after our Alabama/Florida/Guam cousins left, our North Carolina cousins came in.  Needless to say, our last few weeks of summer ROCK!   After weeks of being homebound, we are having some fun!

I always love being with my brother and his family.  I feel so lucky to have such a loving and funny brother...who I have always looked up to and who has always been so sweet to me.  I wish that for any little sister with a big brother.  
And of course Hunter and Drake love being with all their cousins!!!!
Every night we had delicious suppers and lots of fun together...I wish we lived closer!

From eating cupcakes with Anna...

To swimming in the pool with Da/Grandaddy...

To having our own Olympic Relay Races (Italy, France and Scotland)
(and the winner got a national anthem sung made up by my Dad)


To ice cream cones...

To a sleeping Baby Ty...

those cheeks!!!!!

and his first tiny bathingsuit that Aunt E got for him

To sleepovers in the playroom...

To meeting Uncle Will...

To showing off some smiles to Aunt E...

To the Tree House Exhibit at Cheekwood...
The Jolly Roger Pirate Treehouse

And yes, my brother is as tall as he looks!  6'9

Charlie, Hunter, Drake and Anna following the map

Up and Down Treehouse

Fishy Treehouse

Ball of Yarn Treehouse

Walking through the creek with Da

Modern Treehouse

Silly Faces!!!

Conch Shell Treehouse

The boys watching the Olympics


  1. I love it!!!! Charlie and Anna have grown up so much!!!!! So glad that you are having a great end to your summer and can't wait to see you again. : )

  2. Ty is getting so big already! Love the ice cream photo by the pool. That tree-house exhibit is awesome! xxo

  3. What an awesome tree house exhibit. Looks.like a fun time with your family!