Monday, August 27, 2012

Meet the Predators

Well, a few of them anyway.  In this house we are HUUUGE Preds fans.  I never thought I would love   
ice hockey so much...but I do!!!  It has gotten big in Nashville because we have made the Stanley Cup playoffs several years in a row now.  Yesterday at the zoo we beat the heat (and the crazy people) to get our picture with Kevin Klein and Chris Mason.  
Drake actually asked Kyle if they were robots [insert giggle here] because he was so excited he couldn't believe they would be there in person.   
When it was our turn we walked up and the boys game them their signs and bags to sign and then we got a family picture.  Kevin Kelin just took Ty saying he had some babies of his own.  I was planning on holding him myself but to my surprise he knew exactly what to do!  

And then they had a field of jumpies where the boys enjoyed "racing"

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