Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Part 1: Baptism, Christmas, December Oh My!

So much to catch up on from the past 2 months!  It is hard to believe it is already 2013 so I guess I owe everyone a HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Now for some backtracking...

Little Ty has reached his 6 month mark on 12/11:
He has gotten 2 teeth on the bottom
He has gotten a cold and his first ear infection
He was 18.11# (75%)
And I cannot remember the length but he dropped to 75% in that as well.
He is sitting up on his own and grabbing at everything in sight (which then goes straight to his mouth making me terrified of all the tiny legos we have around!)

He is LOVING solid foods: carrots, peas, green beans, squash, sweet potatoes, pears, apples, bananas, prunes, peaches and Mum mums!
I also give him mushed up pieces of my food (dont tell!!!)  and he loves whatever it is.  He just loves to eat!
He slept through the night about 4 times and then has gone all helter skelter again....I think his top 2 teeth are about to break through now so I am not sure there is an end in sight to my sleepless nights.
He is still nursing but like I said, he will eat anything in sight
He LOVES his big brother and they keep him laughing.  I love hearing his big belly laughs and he truly seems to miss them when they are not around.  Mommy is not quite as entertaining as they are!
He says "mom mom mom mom" and has started this high pitched squealing which is cute at first but then can be quite ear piercing.   But he loves to make all kinds of noises.
He also got Baptised on the 9th and we had a wonderful weekend having Grammie and Pop in town for that.
Here we are about to get Ty dressed in the parlor...and Drake, of course, cannot keep his hands off!  But Ty doesn't mind!

Getting ready to go in!

And his sweet little wet head afterwards! 
 I wish so badly we were allowed to take pictures during the service because Ty did so well!  The church was gorgeous for Christmas and Advent, but also, he did not make one peep and looked at everyone in the church.  Hunter and Drake were so stoic in front of the congregation...I think they might have been overwhelmed by all the people looking at them.  Which is quite ironic because normally they want all the attention they can get!  But never-the-less, it went perfectly.  I couldn't help myself but cry this time.  It was beautiful.

Ty was wearing the Baptism Gown that I wore when I got Baptised.  It was also worn by my great great grandfather and is literally over 100 years old.  It should NOT ever be worn again!  It is so delicate and thin that from now on I think it should only be looked at!  Ty ripped a hole in the side after having it on for less than a minute.   But it was so sentimental and sweet.

Also, for the record, Hunter says he likes it when Ty pulls his hair.  He actually said he prefers to stand in front of him so that he will pull his hair.   Dont ask because I can't explain the weirdness sometimes.  He got his prayers answered here.  

And then home with family for a beautiful lunch my mom arranged.  It was all delicious!
Quiche Lorraine, Spinach and Mushroom Quiche, Salmon, Ham and Rolls, Fruit, Salad, and a delicious Leland Riggan Cake.


Leland Riggan Cake...it was vanilla cream with a caramel layer filling and the icing had a slight layer of salt...it was DIVINE!

Oh!  This was a sticker of Baby Jesus that Hunter put on Ty's arm after the Baptism...he thought he needed a tattoo at the ripe age of 6 months.  

Ty loves his Grammie!!

The big boys got a huge kick watching Ty's Gown balloon out on his way down.  I don't know how many times Kyle did this...but it never got old!

With all the grandparents

Grammie and Pop

Mimi and Da

And having our little buddy Ryan there to celebrate with us...he is going to be a good buddy for Ty

But before the Baptism one of the highlights for the boys was getting the Christmas decorations down....or so I thought.  They could not WAIT to get the Nativity Set down and I thought it was so sweet they were so excited about that.
They carefully pulled it out of the box.  

They carefully set the figures in place.

They took turns so nicely

And as I go back upstairs to happily get more decorations I come back down and this is what I hear:

"Weeeoooo Weeeooo Emergency Emergency!  Baby Jesus Emergency!  Weeeoooo!"
And lo and behold Jesus is on the fire engine, Joseph is driving it and our nativity has quickly become a playhouse.  Now I am seeing more whay they wanted to get it out...BOYS!

The next week the boys had their Christmas Programs.  I got NO pictures of Hunter's...I cannot believe it!   But Drake woke the morning of H's program with a high fever so I was so frazzled not having him in school and trying to find someone to watch him so I could run to Hunter's program....knowing I would make someone unhappy.  If I didn't go to Hunter's program it would upset him but if I left Drake with Ty's babysitter it would upset him.  So my poor mom ended up having to leave Oak Hill and miss the program so she could sit with Drake so I could run there and watch it.  Anyway, all that does not matter, but why I am excusing myself for not getting any pictures.

But Drake's program was adorable and he was a shepherd just like Hunter was the year before.  They really do a great job of telling the Christmas Story, the birth of Jesus, and really getting you in the Christmas spirit.
Ty, of course, fell asleep before it started and drooled all over Da's jacket.  Be he of course didnt mind!

Drakey is the far left shepherd in the yellow

marching across stage for their number

And what was even funnier was of all my children, Drake I thought would eat this up...but I think either he wasn't feeling well still, or he got stagefright!  He kept his head down most of the time acting so coy and shy....it was kind of funny and cute to watch...but also so unlike him!
But I also wish I put the video on here because they group of the shephers was hilarious...I will just leave it at that!  (Drake is the back left)

And after the program they had a class party in their room.  And Aunt Smell came to watch!

Drake didnt get out of school until the 21st so once his program was over, Christmas was here in a blink!  Part 2 coming up!


  1. Love all of the pictures! You got some great ones after the baptism! I especially love the picture of both sets of grandparents with all of you! Can't wait to see y'all today!

  2. Beautiful pics...beautiful family!! What a special gown...wow!!!

  3. So fun!!! I didn't get any pics of C's Christmas program either if it makes you feel any better. He was on the back row and we were in the middle of the crowd. I got a bunch of Sophie's because she was on the front row and I was too. I felt bad. But you do what you can. I love all the pics of the boys with Ty and hearing what everyone has been up to. Miss all of you!!!