Saturday, November 17, 2012

Ty at 4 and 5 months

Holy Smokes I cannot believe I never did a 4 month post on sweet baby Ty.  Honestly, life has been so crazy I cannot differentiate between what he was doing at 4 months and now, so I will just try and recap the past few months all together.

  • At 4 month these were his stats:

weight - 16.11# (75%)
height -  (90%) (i left the sheet in his bag with his diapers which I left at church and now I cant find it:(  But I do remember that he was 90%
  • Ty got his first cold right after he turned 4 months old so he was sleeping TERRIBLY!  He was waking up about every 1 1/2 - 2 hours around the clock because the poor fellow could not breath.  We used a humidifier, the bulb syringe, etc.  It worked for a short time but not for long term sleeping.  And basically, since then he has gotten in a bad bad bad routine!  However, I blame myself for not having him back on it. I am just so unbelievably tired that it is easier to feed him for a few minutes when he cries than to listen to him cry for ridiculous amounts of time.  So he knows, when starts a cryin', momma comes a runnin"!  
  • He has also started to wake up a bunch because he is a tummy sleeper but rolls from his tummy to his back all the time and he cannot back onto his tummy.  
  • Maybe that is why he has been saying "mom mom mom mom" the past few weeks now!  When starts to get a little fussy he says "mom mom mom."  And I LOVE it!  I think he is the first one to  say my name before "Dada."   But he really does say it loud and clear...Momma's Boy?
  • I still feed on demand but he eats around every 3 hours around the clock (I know I know, I should let him cry at night, I just have a lot of trouble with that...why can't he just be one of those babies that just does it!  I wish he would just sleep without me having to do that!)  
  • Ty does nap and goes to bed in his crib (well, he naps there when we are home.)  He goes to bed about 6 every night.  I go in and "dream feed" him around 10, but I may drop that because he seems to still wake up around midnight whether I feed him then or not.  
  • Before bedtime he still looooves his bath and starts to kick so hard when he is in there.  I always find myself singing silly songs to him when he is in the water, his favorite being "jimmy Crack Corn"  but he just kicks and kicks and smiles.  He loves it
  • After his bath we do lotion, jammies and read a few books.  We read, Go Dog Go, The Night You Were Born, The Nose BookI Kissed The Baby and his favorite is the classic Goodnight Moon.  He follows my fingers when I point to things in the book and starts moving his arms and hands like crazy when we are on the colored pages.  It is fun to read to him right now
  • He started oatmeal at 4 months and has taken to the spoon so so well!  He seems to enjoy it.  Though lately I think he is getting sick of it and is ready for some fruits and veggies.  He will be happy to eat those at 6 months I am sure of it!  
  • He still only poops once every few days so the doctor said I could mix his oatmeal with baby prune juice.  He likes that.
  • I work Tues, Wed and Thurs when the big boys are in school so he is at home with a sitter on Tuesdays and Thursdays while I work.  I was so sad/nervous/not excited about leaving him with a sitter, but I get him down for a nap before she gets there and then pump milk for a bottle to have when he wakes up and he takes that pretty well.  I miss him when I am working!!!  But that is pretty much his only time to get to nap in his crib because the afternoons are crazy.  Once I get home and get him then we pick up Drake at 2, Hunter at 2:45 and then we usually have choir, basketball, soccer, etc.  So I know he enjoys his morning nap (usually 8:30-10 or 10:30) in his crib.
  • He is very strong and LOVES to stand up and wants to all the time (he might be an early walker like his big brother Hunter...and he now has some extra incentive trying to keep up with his big brothers
  • He puts EVERYTHING in his mouth and grabs for everything all the time (His favorite thing is his Sophie giraffe...thank you Aunt B!!!)
  • He follows his brothers when they are home and lights up when they look at him
  • He has his first ever real person belly laugh last week.  Drake was jumping up and down dancing and saying "shake a beanie" (have no idea what that means) and Ty was laughing so hard.  It was so cute and hysterical!
  • He smiles all the time and does this sweet smile and looks down when someone smiles at him like he is is so cute!  Or maybe actually he is flirting....hmmm....
  • He is such a happy happy happy guy and rarely every fusses.  When his eyes are closed and he is waking up he starts to fuss, but as soon as those eyes open and he sees someone, he smiles so big.  I just cannot get over how happy and easy going he is.  EVERYWHERE we go people comment on how "chill" and happy he is.  And they are right.  He is so wonderful.   
  • He squeals and "talks" a ton
  • His big brothers still love him to pieces and are so sweet to him.  He truly has completed our family!
These were some pictures when he was 4 months old from Katy Southern.  She takes the most beautiful pictures....thank you Katy!!!!!  We LOVED all of them and got a CD with over 60 pictures on it becuase we liked too many of them...but here are just a few

Hunter and Drake requested a silly picture a million times and finally got to do one!


  1. I love all those family pics!!! And the ones with the three boys are so sweet I can't stand it! It makes me wish we had another one. I'm so glad he's such a happy baby too. That always makes it more fun. :) Miss you all and can't wait to chat!!

  2. What a big boy! Stunning photos of the 5 of y'all! xo

  3. Beautiful pictures! I love all of them!

  4. Wow gorgeous pics! And I can never let my babies cry it out and I always fed on demand too. He is pure preciousness!!