Friday, November 2, 2012

Catching up with Fall

Every single year, the older the boys gets, the busier and crazier the fall gets.  Actually, it has been quite overwhlemingly busy this year.  Mostly all fun stuff, but just constant.  The afternoons or nights where we can just be at home are so few and far between that I SAVOR each and every one of them.  But here are a few of the things we have been up to lately:

Drake's "Me Vest" parade at school...I love these vests the boys make.  I have Hunter's framed in our dining room and I cannot wait to hang Drake's up next to it.  On the front they draw their family and on the back they draw their house.   True works of art!:)  Their class parades through the building and plays instruments singing songs.  It is so sweet.

Drake's class...he is one of the youngest AND tallest...the lovable giant!

We went a whole soccer season without posting any pictures at all!  I am not sure how that happened again, but both boys LOVE soccer and both boys are really good!  They were playing in the same league and age group and both on undefeated teams...until they had to play each other.  I now can sympathise with Peyton and Eli's mom...watching your boys play each other is TORTURE!!!!!  So I decided to make my own t-shirt, with the boys help, so I could support them both.

For the boys' Fall Break we went to Charlotte to visit my brother, sister in law and cousins.   The boys are at the ages now where they get SO EXCITED to go and SO SAD to leave!  It is fun to see them play together and really love being with their cousins.
Our first night there, Aunt E got a cake to celebrate Hunter, Drake and Charlie's birthday...which was of course a hit!

Silly boys

And blue lips!

And the boys got to open some AWESOME birthday presents!  Ninjago of course a HUGE hit!!!

And a Cam Newton Panthers shirt and even bigger hit!!!!!  

Mean faces


And then poor Charlie got strep throat!  We have had it so many times in our house that I never got worried about my kiddos...I am sure we have to be immune to it now!  But the poor guy felt terrible:
1. becuase he was sick and 2. because he wanted to play but didnt feel well.

But by later the next day he was up for being outside for a little bit...and they have the BEST cul-de-sac to play in!

And, not to any surprises...Hunter and Charlie went off and did their own thing...

And so did Drake and Anna!

We ended the trip by going to a fun pumpkin patch...

...and ended it by going through a MASSIVE corn maze.  I am talking acres and acres of corn that took us 1 hour and 20 minutes to get through.  The kiddos were awesome and stuck with it every step of the way.  We got a flag that we had to carry around so you could hold it way above your head if you got lost and needed help.  There were 9 mailboxes you had to find and every time you found one you got another piece to the maze to find your way out.  It was awesome!

Aunt E and Ty

A little lost trying to find out way out...

We made it!!!

Drake lost a tooth!!!!!!  
That is right, little brother Drake, NOT big brother Hunter!  Shockingly, Hunter handled it very well and I think he was actually a little happy to see him lose one before he had too.  Hunter does not have a loose tooth in his mouth but Drake has all kinds of crazy teeth stuff.  He has an extra tooth on the top row, had a tooth growing half way in before he lost the tooth in front of it...I have a horrible feeling that his mouth is going to be an expensive one! But none the less, the tooth fairy did visit us and I think Drake was excited!
tooth growing in behind the loose one

 Right after he lost it Hunter was jumping up and down but Drake was I think weirded out by the whole thing.  It had been super loose for days but he did not want it to be pulled out.  Finally that night it started bleeding so Kyle said he would try and if it didnt come out easily he would not force it.   Kyle pulled once, nothing...Kyle pulled twice, nothing....except all of a sudden I looked in his mouth and the tooth was no where to be found!  So Kyle searched in the toilet paper in his hands and finally found it!

The tiny tooth in Kyle's hand

Last but not least...Halloween!!!!
We had another fun Halloween and every year it gets more and more fun!  The boys love love love having Halloween decorations around (shoot!  why didn't I get pictures of them!!!!!), they love getting dressed up and have a count down to the day.  They have started organizing their candy (which I use to do)  They have candy trades (which I use to do too!!!)   Every holiday is so much fun with these boys around.  It makes me excited for them and happy to get ready for them.  
The day began with the Kindergarteners at school singing some Halloween songs and in their pumpkin shirts they made.  It as of course adoarble (but what parent woudln't think that about their baby!)

Hunty is on the back row next to the boy in the sunglasses

Hands in pockets

Halloween Night:  Here we have a Baby Chickadee, a A Green Ninja Bird (long explanation on that one...but this was Hunter's concoction) and Cole the black Ninjago Nina

It was freezing that nighttoo so I had 3 layers underneath the boys costumes...I am not quite sure how we actually got them on but somehow they still fit over all the layers!

Happy Fall and hope you had a Happy Halloween!


  1. What a great post! I can't remember everything I was going to comment on but I love the Cam Newton jersey (of course) and I love that picture of Elizabeth and Ty!

  2. haha!! I always end up posting a comment right after Jennifer! I love all the pics!!! It's so weird to see everyone (not just on here, but on other blogs too) wearing fall clothes because we will never have that this year. Miss you guys and so glad we have a way to see what you have been up to!

  3. Loved catching up! Yall have been busy! I need to do my Halloween post ASAP too!