Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ninjago Birthday

For any of you mommas with boys who are the ages of 5-8 then you probably have Ninjago Mania in your home too.  It has taken storm in the Armstrong household and I don't see it letting up any time soon!  (For those of you that have never heard of it, it is ninja lego men that fight lego snakes...sounds awesome huh?)
Drake has been asking for a Ninjago birthday since the beginning of the summer and has been dying to have it at BounceU for 2 years now.  I always prefer having them at home because they are a whole lot cheaper, plus I do enjoy the details and getting things ready for them.  But I have to say the ease of having it somewhere else where they set everything up, play with the kiddos, organizes activities, serve the food, etc. was pretty nice.  They do not let you bring in outside food or drink or any decorations that you have to hang on the wall, so what you can bring is limited (which of course irks me)...but again, the ease of it was at 110% !!!!

I did bring in Ninjago headbands for all the kiddos and Ninjago eye stickers for the BounceU crew to put on "their balloons" that I had to buy from them (grrrrrrr)  I figured if I cannot hang a banner or bring in my own cute water bottles or plates I would decorate the children instead!:)

Drake is 5!!!!

And getting ready to go jump....

Even little Ty was sporting a band....oh that sweet sweet baby!

Watching "BBD" (Big Brother Drake)

One of Drakey's oldest buddies Davis 

Lots of running...



karate chopping...

And just being wild boys!!!!!

Lots of silliness too

Party Favors (tootsie pops) and the Balloons

Ready for pizza and cake!

Drake's Ninjago cake (a Ninja man on a spinner...if you are not familiar with Ninjago I cannot even explain...)

Drake's best buddy Charlie...the party would not have been complete without him!

And at the end Drakey got to pick a "gift" out of the treasure chest 


  1. As always, you have outdone yourself with the details! SO cute! Looks like everyone had a great time. And Hunter is looking even MORE like Kyle these days!

  2. Hi Your Children look like they had a blast, How did you make the headbands?
    Great Job by the way!