Wednesday, March 4, 2009


So I go into Hunter's room and I think he is trying to do some sort of flip off the chair...but here is what he did over and over again.

STEP #1: Get on chair

STEP#2: Get into an arch?

STEP #3: Hit position

STEP#4: Make the landing

STEP #5: Roll off and do it again! Looks like fun huh??!!

And then I go outside....

Here is how Drake goes down slides, all slides. Spiral slides (the funniest to watch him go down backwards on), bumpy slides, straight down slides, it doesn't matter.

STEP #1: climb up the ladder

STEP #2: Get to the slide at the top

STEP #3: Turn around backwards

STEP #4: Go down slide backwards on tummy (and almost always fly off onto the ground...but don't worry-he loves it!)

p.s. please forgive his outfit...not my favorite, but what can I say. They are camo overalls and his daddy LOVES them. I didn't have to dress him that day so I could have cared less if he was wearing a speedo and a top hat.
I guess I cannot say much because unless we have to leave the house Hunter is always in his pajamas b/c I just don't have the energy to dress him. It really is so sad!


  1. Your boys are too funny. These pictures are precious!

  2. That is EXACTLY how Sophie goes down every slide too! Those two, I swear, they could be twins! Of course I don't think either one of us would be willing to take on both of them. : )

  3. how funny would Drake be in a speedo and a top hat? i smell a Christmas Card picture!

  4. Those are such cute pictures! The other day Dru came home from work and Simms was STILL in her pajamas. I said, "Don't ask. It was just easier this way." And I only have ONE and don't have the energy somedays! I love it though!

  5. Caro, you must immediately visit my blog and scan over every picture on there, taking note of how often charlie is dressed in clothes versus pjs. We must cut tasks wherever we can!!