Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Foot comes to town!!!

And who was there to see it? None other than Hunty and his daddy! After they went to the Monster Truck show last Saturday night and drank a $9 cup of lemonade Hunter can't stop saying "CRUSH IT" but it sounds more like "cruuuuuuush iyat" in his lowest voice he can muster. Here are a few pictures from the main event!

Hunter standing next to the truck that brought in Big Foot

Hunty and Daddy in front of Biiiig Fooooot

Hunty in front of Bear Foot? Never heard of that one...regardless it looks big!

The two boys taking a picture with the General Lee

Hunty and the arena

Hunter with a BMX biker

Drinking his $9 lemonade ($9 seriously??) but TOTALLY worth it to be able to do this with his daddy! And lets be honest, he looks pretty darn cute in the arena chair.

The only lady driver, AND she tipped over (of course)

Truck crushin some cars...yeehaw!

I think the boys had a blast!


  1. Oh my gosh!!! Best post ever!!! Hunty's smile is priceless. What a great guys night out!!

  2. WE LOVE IT!!!!! C-man and I just looked at the photos together and they are so cute!!!! I just love how happy they look. I wish I could hear that sweet little boy making a "man" voice! I bet it's precious.

  3. Soo cute!! Looks like they had fun, and that $9 lemonade must have been good! I love how Hunty cheeses!

  4. I love this!!! So funny! I can just hear Hunty saying Biiiiig Truck!!! All the pictures are awesome!!!!!

  5. I love Hunter's smiles! It makes me smile!

  6. This is hysterical!! You have got to post a video of his big boy voice! :)