Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love was in the air...

On Valentines Day! These are some pictures of the 2 silly boys.

On Valentines morning they got a few treats too...

Some presents from Mommy and Daddy and Grammie and Pop

Hunty opening...

A Lightning McQueen book, a new red shirt, and 2 more Cars...Ramone and Wingo!!!!

Now its Boppy's turn...

A set of new assorted sports balls (his obsession...we are not taking recruitment calls yet though)

Enjoying their beloved DumDums...the key to getting Hunter to do pretty much anything I need him to do

Hunty with Da when he and Mimi came by to bring them some Valentines

The boys opening up their gifts from Mimi and Da

Kyle's Valentines present...

Mrs. Judy and Ms. Annie stopped by and look what they brought the boys!!! They were in heaven with all their balloons for days (as a matter of fact the big one of Winnie the Poo and Piglet is still on the top of our vaulted ceiling...)

And Mrs. Judy and Annie brought them yummy cookies too! They made Valentines for the boys that is for sure!

And then at Wednesday night church (which was obviously not on Valentines, but I had to post this picture anyways because it is about love right?) the boys were having a blast riding the little roller thingy together! It was too cute to pass up!
P.S. I apologize for the video not working in the last one... have no idea what I am doing and still don't! Hopefully I can figure it out one day!!!!


  1. So cute!!!!! I love those boys! And I can't believe all the curls they have! Sophie's got some competition for them with the hair. : )Don't tell Hunty, but Christopher just got some Mater crocs and well, he won't wear anything else now.

  2. How fun?!?! I love all these pictures! I do heart Valentines days!!! So sweet!!!

  3. Haha this was such a cute post!!! They always have the cutest matching outfits! What great gifts for everyone!