Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Man after my Own Heart...

These are the exact words my husband said this morning about Hunter and me. After church it was A GORGEOUS day. 66 degrees and sunny! You can't ask for better weather than that in Nashville on the first day of February. We were outside throwing the football with our boys and after Hunter caught it, he ran inside (we left the backdoor open to let fresh air into the house) set the football down, fixed a few pillows on our couch, picked the football back up and ran outside and threw it back to Kyle. Could this poor boy be my clone?? I thought only I would do something like that, and I guess he has been watching mommy multi-task a little too much lately!
Though we didn't get any good pics of Hunty outside (he got sidetracked with his trains), we got some great ones of Drake who is shockingly great at catching the football...and throwing it for that matter!

I sure hope this is not a sign that he is destined to play Alabama football...I might cry. Kyle, on the other hand, couldn't ask for anything more!!!

While we are on the subject of sports, I also have to say, as of the past few weeks, if Hunter is running and happens to fall, even when we think it looks like he is about to cry, he will look up and say...."SAFE!!!!!!" It is hysterical!!!!!!
This was one of those moments we happen to be able to catch a picture of a few weekends ago


  1. i SO love that Hunty is a multi-tasker!!! The only way Drake could be any cuter is if he was wearing an Auburn tee-shirt!!! I love these pics!!!

  2. That is so funny about the pillows! I agree with Callen on the t-shirt! I think the boys are going to have to go somewhere neutral!! Like Vandy, or UK! I'd love that, and they wouldn't even be far from home if they went there, hmmm....maybe I should start working on that one! :) Love ya'll! They are so cute! Drake has already grown so much since Christmas