Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Like father like son...and a few funny things

One of Kyle's favorite things to eat is Cheerios and Apple Juice. Apparently it has been for about 28 years now. I enjoy it also because it is easy for me to fix:)!! And both our boys love it too. Here they all are eating their cheerios together the other morning. And here Hunter (in Lightning McQueen jamies of course) smiling with daddy Over the month of January there have been a few other things that I thought were particularly cute or funny... One day a few weeks ago Drake decided that he HAD to wear big brother's rain coat, and wore it ALL DAY...so I had to snap a few pictures of him playing with it on. It was just too funny and cute! Next, my creative Hunterbean wanted to hang out with me back in the bathroom while I was getting ready to go to dinner. He brought in his Lightning McQueen cars, got out the roll of toilet paper to make a "Street" and off he went in to imagination land just making cars noises and wreck noises (one of his favorite things, why do boys like wrecks so much?) for a good bit. I just love the fact that he can entertain himself so well at times...even if it does require me to throw away, or try and re-roll a roll of toilet paper! (sorry not very green huh?) And then last thing (I promise) is a video of the boys stomping on bubble wrap I had out to box up Grammie's birthdya present to mail (Happy Bday again Grammie...thanks for the fun we had getting your present packaged up!!). Wait till you hear what Hunter called the bubble wrap. It had been a long day that day and this moment made it worth it!

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  1. so glad I got to talk to you today! Where is the video? Give the boys a big hug and a kiss from Aunt Jenny, they are so precious. Miss you all!