Monday, July 13, 2009

Loving the Lake!!!

I feel so bad because the boys and I always have the BEST time when we go to the lake to stay with Grammie and Pop (Kyle's parents). I always want to document our fun adventures there but the past 2 times we have been we have had issues with our pictures!! We went around Memorial Day and were able to stay for almost a week! When we got back Kyle uploaded the picturs to his work computer to clear the camera and then I kept forgetting to tell him to put them on a CD to bring home and poor Kyle is so busy at work he kept forgetting to do it! Grammie and Pop were also soooo sweet to watch the boys while Kyle and I got to spend our little vacation in Vegas and then we were able to spend the rest of the week at the lake and for the 4th of July! Before we left we made sure to get all the pictures onto one CD and now we are having issues uploading the pictures for some reason! I am so sad!! They always have so many fun things for the boys to do and every time is like a big adventure that Hunter and Drake talk about for months afterwards. I am so lucky to have the best in-laws in the world who are so loving and dear to all of us. We only wished we lived closer so we could see them more, but we are lucky they are not too far away! I got a few pictures from my camera but as soon as we figure out what is going on with our CD we will put those up too.

Hunty being silly after doing his puzzles...he is a puzzle monster! He loves them! it is quite impressive actually!

Drakey in the ever-popular Spider Man life jacket/suit. I think he pulls it off well...

The boys "helping" build the picnic bench

3 generations of Armstrong men who successfully built their new picnic table!

We went into Montgomery to go have lunch with Laura and her adorable baby boy Dillon. We were so happy to see them!!!
Hunty is LOVING his time with Little Dilly

Sweet sweet Laura letting Hunty feed her sweet baby boy...

Hunty feeding Dillon and actually doing a pretty good job!

I think Hunty thought they were real? Not sure...

Drakey excited to see Dillon too!

Loving the sand pile! A usual favorite of the lake!

Drakey loves his Grammie!

Drake about to dig into his "Hot Diggity-Dig!"

Not real sure is this is appropriate but such a classic.

Another classic and so typical

Drakey decides to get into the tub of water with all the toys

Then Hunty joins in...

And last but not least...clothes off and into the tub for a lot of "swimming" I have so many adorable pictures of this, but i think there is way too much nakedness to be appropriate for the blog!!! SORRY!!!!!

And for the most exciting news...Kyle's little sister just had her baby on Monday afternoon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are so excited to have another beautiful niece! We are going to see them tomorrow and I can hardly stand it!!! You can see her gorgeous baby girl on their blog at, or just go to the link on the side of my blog. She is just precious!

Now, if we can only figure out how we can get our pictures from our visit over June/July we might be caught up...stay tuned!!!


  1. Haha that spiderman life jacket suit thing is too funny! Those are such cute pictures of your adorable boys!

  2. Charlie LOVES the pic of Hunty "doing his business"!

  3. Om my goodness...your boys are soooo cute!!!