Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh goodness I am not ready for this

A week ago Saturday was a big day for Hunter.
#1 He got his pre-school class roster. Yes, I said it, PRE-SCHOOL!!!!!! How can this be?!???!!! He only turns 3 in September!!! But having a September birthday makes him the youngest in his class. The cut-off is Sept. 30th and we barely scraped by. He is in the same "school" that he was in for Mothers Day Out and I was so beyond happy with that program and their curriculum and how much he learned but the classes there are broken up into 4 month age groups. So everyone in his class turned the same age between June-September. Now it is like real school. The age goes over a whole year. So he could be in class with someone who turns 4 October 1st. He is so smart so it will be great for him to be challenged and I have no worries of him keeping up at all. So that is not what hit me. What hit me was the fact that as I was reading information from his packet I was looking at the school calendar and it listed the date for their Christmas program. That is when it hit me and tears welled up in my eyes. It was the my-baby-is-old-enough-to-be-in-a-Christmas-program freak out. I am going to be that mom during the program that is uncontrollable I think. I am already embarrassed!
#2 He officially is signed up to play in a soccer league. The cut-off there was August 29th you had to be 3, but they let a few kiddos who turned 3 a week or so later in, and he is playing with many of his little "buddies" so it should be absolutely adorable. I cannot wait to see him in his little jersey, shin guards, socks and mini-cleats. It might be the cutest sight I have ever seen. He is really really fast and kick he ball around the yard like a pro but I just feel like I am going to be a box of tears this next year with my baby doing so many big-boy tings. So just bare with me!


  1. Whoa! this is scary stuff!!! I still remember the day you came in my office to tell me you were pregnant and i SCREAMED...you would have thought i had blown your cover...but not a boy up here batted an eyelash. That seems like YESTERDAY!!! Sweet Hunty...he is going to rock preschool!!!

  2. Yay Hunty! Such a big boy! It definitely is hard to believe that he is already grown up enough for all of these things, but how much fun!!! So much to look forward to and we all cant wait to keep up with all of it!

  3. Such a big boy!! I can't wait to see him in his soccer attire!!

  4. I hear ya. Time goes by so fast. Of course our preschool doesn't have a Christmas Show, but still.....Looking forward to seeing you at the lake sometime if you are still coming down. The boys will have a blast.