Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fall Creek Falls!!!!!!!!

This past weekend we had a family reunion with my mom, her 3 brothers and their families, and my grandmother Nonny (Mom's mom). It was so much fun and when my mom and all her siblings get together you can expect nothing less than MAJOR silliness and so much fun!
Older Brother #1 - Chuck Higgins lives in Nashville, married to Leslie and has 1 daughter Melinda, 22, who is essentially my sister I feel like.
Younger Brother #2 - Richard Higgins lives in Portland, Oregon, married to Kim and they have 2 children Mary who is 12 and James who is 7.
Younger Brother #3 - Robert Higgins lives in Memphis, married to Sharon, and they have 2 boys: Eric who is about to be a freshman in college and Sean who is about to be a freshman in high school.
We went to Fall Creek Falls (in the middle of no where) Tennessee. Since all my cousins range in age from 22 to 7, my 2 boys are Will's 2 kiddos are the only grandkiddos so far so I knew it was going to be a little challenging figuring out a schedule and how to work ourselves into everyone else's schedule. I tried to just go with the flow but it sure caught up with the boys fast. Hunter had soooo much fun but was just a mess by Saturday night. Regardless we hope to be able to do it again soon!
Boys sleeping on the way there. Ahhhhhhhhhh, a sigh of relief! Can you believe how big Hunty looks?!

My sweet Drakey-doodle

Boys throwing rocks and sticks in the water...something they LOVE TO DO!!! If they are allowed to be throwing something, this could occupy their time for hours!!!!

Collecting more rocks to throw and having a BLAST! I will have a pond and a pile of rocks and sticks in my next house. Just you wait!

Hunty showing daddy something in the water

Hunty trying to pull up a root...

skipping rocks with daddy

Me and Drakey in front of the lake

There was geese everywhere! Hunty spotted one under a picnic table and wanted to go see it. I am sure he wanted to pet it too, but I was NOT about to let that happen!

This was the goose close up...EEEWWWWWWW!!!! Poor thing...bless his heart I suppose.

Drakey in his Cubbies Hat. This one is for you Grammie! A Cubs fan for life!!!

OH YES WE DID!!!!!! We so had to wear matching family reunion shirts. Here we are showing ours off even though Kyle is covering mine up with his arm.

This was why wearing matching shirts wasn't as bad as I thought.
#1 I did not know we would be doing this until the day before we left for our trip so I did not have too much time to ponder how ridiculous I think it is.
#2 They were not all the same color
#3 They did not have a cheesy slogan on it like "I survived Family Reunion 2009" or "Family Reunion 2009"
#4 The picture on the shirt was an actual drawing my great grandfather did (Nonny's dad) so it actually is sentimental and why we were all there to begin with. His last name was Janes (which is why the shirt says Janes family reunion) He was an artist for a newspaper and was an incredible artist at that. I only hope that one day I can have an original!
Here is Hunter showing me a better look at his "train" his great-great grandfather drew.

Me - Team Armstrong, Mel - Team Higgins

Hunty is sooooooooooooooo excited Charlie (my brother's little boy)finally got there!!!!

We were sad Elizabeth and Anna (brother's wife and 1 yr old daughter) could not come because we missed them desparately, but E's grandmother just passed away so they were not able to make it. We are still thinking about you and praying for you!!!
YAY for cousins!

Drakey loves his Nonny...sweet sweet Nonny. Nonny got to sport the Janes, Higgins, Coles and Armstrong logos on her shirt since she owns us all!!!

Aunt Kim, Hunty (being silly as usual) and Mimi eating some lunch!

Dad, Will and Charlie...3 generations of the claw!!!!!

Drakey digging in to a hamburger

Lil' Smell and Willie

Sweet Mary letting Drake and Hunter chase her and "get her with the claw"

Charlie and Drakey having some "tummy time!"

Drakey lounging on corn-hole

One word. T-R-O-U-B-L-E

Post-picnic, hanging out by the lake

The 2 extremely sweet boys who were fishing caught one and let the boys all touch him.

No worries for me! They put the little fishy back

Fall Creek Falls. If you look closely you will see little specs of color at he bottom and those are people!

See the little people swimming??

Kyle and his boys looking at the waterfall

Will, Charlie and Mimi

Kyle, Da, Caro and Will with the 3 silly boys. I love being with the 3 of them. Aside from loving them all anyways, it is the only time in my whole life I feel small!:)

I cannot wait to see my parents pictures b/c they have the group photo which I am sure will be a riot and I will have to post later. And we had a bingo night Saturday night and my mom had prizes for every person there. Everyone felt the need to "wear" their prize some how so those pictures should be interesting too! But all in all it was such a fun weekend and we already miss our whole family so much!


  1. Whoa...these family reunion tee shirts are freakin awesome!!!! I am impressed that they were colored coded and that nonny had patches for all three branches of the family. i am speechless. LOVE all the fun pictures fo the kiddos!!!!!

  2. Looks like so much fun, love the t-shirts :) Drake and Hunter look like such big boys, they grow up too fast!