Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catching Up...

Well, I know I am not the most prompt blogger but I still have to share a few pics of my sweet niece who was born 1 month ago!!! I meant to post about that, but it was during one of my frequent blog hiatuses. Anyways, Kyle's little sister and her husband had a beautiful baby girl named Anne Morgan and here are a few pics of her when she was born!
Drakey studying Anne Morgan...he kept wanting to touch her and lay on her and then every once in a while he would look up with his finger over his mouth and say "Shhhh"

Hunty with his Aunt B looking at Anne Morgan (or Anne Organ as her calls her)

Uncle Kyle holding Anne Morgan for the first time

Little A.M looking at Uncle Kyle

look at that sweet face and hands!!!

Aunt Kiki with A.M. (I know, my hair is just crazy...what can I say?)

Drakey loving on A.M some more

The next thing I know Drake has gone in her room and climbed on her changing table!! Oh no, here we go again!

A.M. so little in her swing!!!

Drakey cannot get enough of her! He wanted to watch her all the time!

Sweet little yawn!

Jenny and her baby

I love this pic of Jenny holding her little girl. She is such a good, calm, caring mom. A lot more calm than I can tell she is a already a pro!

Another sweet little yawn and stretch, and then it was time to change her and she started crying...

And this was Dake's face...he did NOT like seeing her cry!

Drakey trying to look and see what is going on now...I just love this picture of all 3 of them!

Drakey has to touch her to make sure she is okay

Now that she is okay, on to her books! Sorry A.M.!


  1. It's your turn for a girl!! Anne Morgan is beautiful!

  2. Love the pictures! We can't wait to see all of you next week. A.M. is growing so fast (or so it seems) that she looks so different than she did in these pictures! Love you!!!

  3. LOVE these pics and love how sweet Drake was lovin on her and watchin her!

  4. What a sweet baby!!! The boys are so cute with her!!!

  5. These are precious pictures! All 3 kiddos are just adorable!