Monday, August 17, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame AND a wedding!

This past weekend was another fun one but was jam-packed with activities! Last night we went to the Sounds Game and the boys loved it! They didn't sit still to watch to much of it, but loved going up and down the bleachers and aisles.

Drakey watching the game...for a few moments...

Hunty giving High-5's

Hunty's Biiiig bite of ice cream

sweet Mrs. Nancy feeding Drakey ice cream

Drakey TERRIFIED of Ozzie the mascot. I think it has scared him for life:(

The weekend in general was an absolute blast! We went to Birmingham for a wedding that Kyle was in and the boys stayed home with my parents. I feel bad because my parents help us out so much and we are soooo lucky to have them in town and I never give them credit for all that they do for us. I also realized that even though we have thousands of pictures of them with the boys I don't think I have put any up on the blog! But they deserve to be here and be seen! So sorry mom and dad we love you and I am not sure how I would have survived the past 2 years without you!!! We love you very much and thank you for watching our little guys!!!
(I forgot my camera at the rehersal dinner so I only have pictures from the wedding but it was a beautiful wedding with no detail spared and we had so much fun catching up with old friends.)

Grammie, Pop, Me and Kyle at the wedding

Getting to hang out with some of our best friends, Jeffery and Laura that we always have too much fun with

Getting to catch up with April, a sorority sister from Auburn

A few handsome men



  1. aww such a great family pic at the Sounds game and a beautiful one of you and Kyle from the wedding!

  2. Sounds and looks like you all had fun. And yes, I did save some of the curls, but they weren't the ringlets like in that one picture. That look didn't happen all that time. I wish I did have some like that saved. Oh well.

  3. I LOOOVE the picture of Hunty with his arm around Drakey! Looks like you all had a great time and the game. And you got some great pictures at the wedding too! See you tomorrow!!!!

  4. Seriously, the pic of Hunter with his arm around drake just kills me. I hope its already framed at your house =) miss you!