Sunday, August 9, 2009

Afternoon Delights

Well...this post is nothing too exciting, but mostly just for me to be able to look back and remember the days of Saturday and Sunday summer afternoons of just spending time together and playing with our babies. I know in a few years they will be filled with camps, sports and other things the boys are interested in, but it is nice to have a weekend to just play. I know I will make a conscious effort when they are older to not overbook my children with extra-curriular activies so that they can appreciate just having time to do nothing and to be together.
Saturday afternoon Kyle and I went and played 9 holes of golf. He LOVES golf and is so good at it, that it should be intimidating to play with him. But he is so patient and such a good teacher and has been wanting me to play with him for years now, that is was so fun for me doing something that he loves so much. With 2 babies back to back it made it difficult, but with the decision to get a babysitter, we did it and had a blast!

Afterwards we continued our date by going to a movie. One of our favorite things to do in the whole world!!!

On Sunday after church we made a big brunch at home and ALL took good naps!! We then went to go get ice cream at the frozen yogurt bar (I guess that is what you call it?) called Sweet Cici's and it was DIVINE! It is essentially like an ice cream subway but it has about 50 different kinds of toppings you can self serve on your frozen yogurt so they boys had a blast. I think they both picked out gummy bears, M&Ms, chocolate chips, oreo and sprinkles. And we didn't care...we let them have whatever they wanted!
Hunty's BIG BOY bite of ice cream!!!

Mommy and Drakey

Daddy and Hunty

We then headed to the park with the boys plasma cars and they rode around the path until they were pooped and sweaty. (As a side note, I think my new favorite smell in the whole world is sweaty little boy...and I am not joking. It single-handedly melts my heart. Go ahead, think I am gross, I don't care, I LOVE it!!! It is the sweetest smell to me!)
Going under mommy's Tunnel!!!

Nothing like riding with the wind in your hair!!

Taking a little break and stopping for a picture

Getting some water in the shade...PHEW!!!!

And then onto some digging. There is nothing better to them than getting as dirty as possible!!!


Does this little guy look hot and tired or what!

And then, home for a snack and Hunter found Kyle's Cabella's magazine and was oddly very interested in it...this can't be good...


  1. It looks like yall had a great weekend!! I can't wait to see you next week!

  2. Where is the yogurt bar?! It looks devine!