Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Christmas Memories

Well I know I am late on uploading Christmas pictures but we had so many that it took me forever to pick some! We had a great time in Alabama at Grammie and Pop's house with our nephew, Christopher, almost 3, and Sophie, almost 1. Great Grandpa who lives in Raleigh, NC was also there and it was great to see him since we do not get to see him often. It is always so fun to be with Brittny (Aunt B), Brandon (Uncle B), Jennifer (Aunt Jenny) and Trey (Uncle Trey).
Here are a few of my favorites!

Hunter and Drakey playing in Drake's new kitchen that Santa brought...I am hoping to have 2 chefs that can cook for me later in life

Uncle Trey helping Drake open a present...he is going to be such a good daddy!

You can tell Drake and his cousin Sophie are related...they both LOVE to eat!

Daddy and Boppy going for a ride on the plasma car!

Drake playing with some of his stocking goodies

Aunt B reading Lightning McQueen books with Hunter and Christopher...I love this picture!

Pop smiling with Hunty after opening one of his presents

Sophie letting Kyle hold her...he was so excited! They are both so cute!

Hunter coloring with Grandpa, 2 artists you are looking at here! Look at Hunter's concentration. He always makes this precious focused look when coloring and doing his jigsaw puzzles. I LOVE it!

My 3 boys riding the of their favorite things to do at Grammie and Pop's

Hunter riding with Christopher on the Plasma Car and Drake trying to get on too!

Sweet Drake riding on the tractor

Drake doing one of his new puzzles with Aunt Jenny and Uncle Trey...they are going to be such good parents. Yes they are 12 weeks pregnant! YAAAY! Kyle and I are so excited. Check them out at

Christopher, Drake and Hunter all working with Pop

Daddy seems to be enjoying Hunter's gift from Grammie and Pop too!

Hunty is "working" so hard...look at that concentration!

Aunt B and Sophie having so much fun on the plasma car too! Could you not just eat Sophie she is sooo cute!

Boppy reading with Grandpa and Grammie, I LOVE this picture. They all seem to be enjoying it! He is smiling behind the pacie if you cannot tell.

One of Hunty's favorite poses to make, as you know!

The consentration on Hunty's face again is so cute and funny...he found his drawing partner in crime

My Favorite picture of the whole weekend I think! Hunter had so much fun drawing with Grandpa and I think Grandpa had fun too!!!


  1. Great pictures, the last one is my favorite too! I know Grandpa had to LOVE having a little one to draw with. Ya'll should email that one to him

  2. check out Grammie's blog Camp Wag A Tail-pop

  3. I love the photos!!! That was a great Christmas!

  4. I love all these pictures!!! SO MUCH FUN!!! I'm so glad you have this blog!!!

  5. this is such a great post! it just brings back all the magic of Christmas seeing all the young ones playing with their presents from santa!! thanks for sharing!!!