Monday, January 5, 2009

Drake has gotten himself into another "mess"

I have to begin this post with this picture even though it has absolutely nothing to do with what I am about to write about, except for the fact that Hunter likes to pick on Drake ... constantly ... pick ... on ... Drake ...
Here we go...So about 9 months ago, when Drake was about 6 months old, he Hunter and I were all happily sitting outside on a nice warm March day. Drake was in his exersaucer, Hunter was playing in the backyard and I was watering some plants, I remember this moment like it was yesterday (some of you may know this story already).
After watering 2 new ferns I look back at Drake as he was cooing and making funny noises, only to see Hunter putting something in his mouth. I thought to myself, "I didn't bring any snacks outside with me today" so began to wonder, then be quickly concerned as to what Hunter was putting into his little brother's mouth. As I got closer I started to think that it could not be what I thought it was, certainly he was not putting DOG POOP IN HIS MOUTH!!!!!! But oh yes, sure enough, it was poop!! A few day old poop so it was hard enough to pick up and hold!! I mean, I have been told by several people that having two boys meant a lot of dirt, fights, and all kinds of nasty stuff I could not yet imagine, but did it really start this early?? 6 months and 18 months, REALLY?? DOG POOP IN THE MOUTH??!!!!
So to my horror I quickly screamed, Hunter dropped the remaining poop and ran the other way, meanwhile Drake not seeming so disgusted at the taste of poop (that's a whole nother story, the boy will pretty much eat anything) but more irritated that I was scraping out all the remnants I could find out of his mouth. I hastily yanked him out of the exersaucer, ran him in the house and washed out his mouth several times, washed around his mouth and face with baby soap several times, and obviously his hands too. Then I ran back outside grabbed Hunter who I threw in the tub.
Fortunately for me no one got worms or any diseases and I began to fear that this was only the beginning...
Which leads me to this morning. As I was changing a VERY dirty diaper of Hunter's, (TMI already I know) Drake came closer and reached for the diaper. I of course moved it away quickly so he could not get to it. Not realizing one of the 7 wipes I had already used to wipe this massive mess fell out as I had moved it, I continued on wiping Hunty's wiggling bottom eager to get back up and play. I look back at Drake is sitting next to the wipe box and he has a wipe in his mouth. Now he has been enjoying gnawing on the wipes, and I usually let him have one b/c I think the cold wet wipe must feel good on his 7 teeth coming in right now (4 molars and 3 canines...yikes!!!!). Plus sometimes letting him pull countless wipes out of the box so I can finish changing a diaper without hearing Drake cry because neither Hunter nor I can do anything with him at that particular moment is worth the time it takes me to pick all the wipes back up. However, I realized after I put the fresh diaper on Hunter that the particular wipe Drake was using as a teething wipe had poop on it!!! How could this poor child have poop in his mouth twice in 9 months! What kind of mother am I!!!!!!! And what kind of child continues to gnaw on a wipe with poop!

I have to end this on a better note (but still about poop, sorry). Yesterday I did see the boys working together with the pooper scooper outside. It was a moment I would have given anything to have a charged camera on hand...Drake was holding the part that contains the poop while Hunter was scooping it in...I guess they see me do it so much that they have already gotten the hang of it. This could go in my favor, or against it. I guess only time will tell...

By the way, Christmas and New Years pics coming soon. As soon as I find the thingy that uploads the pics from the camera to the computer


  1. Wiping tears from my eyes as we speak...too, too funny! Just think of the immune system that kid will have! I miss you and the boys so much it hurts...but I am so so glad you got me into this so we can keep up with the "dailies" (to quote Kate MUST start watching that show)of one another's lives. Give the boys kisses from Aunt you!!

  2. I can't believe I have never heard that one! Whoa! So glad you have a blog now!!

  3. Too funny Caroline!!! Your Hunter & Drake stories are great!
    Love the pic at the top too!

  4. Absolutely hilarious..and gross. Boys will be boys, I guess! You're a great glad you started a blog:)

  5. HYSTERICAL!!!!! I love it!!!! You have your hands full with those too crazy kiddos!!! I'm SO glad you started this blog!!! Yay!

  6. Hilarious! I was cracking up about the hard dog poop b/c our yellow lab, Bella, eats it. The first time I realized it she brought it into the house and I thought it was a stick and I picked it up and realized it was hard dog poop. So gross!

  7. Oh my goodness! Only boys! That is surely a story y'all will be telling for quite some time! xox