Monday, November 16, 2009

Booboos...the life of a boy

Hunter and Kyle were playing football the other night. As Hunter was chasing Kyle he tripped and flew into the door jam...needless to say, the door jam won...

It went from looking like a pirate because his eye was swollen half shut to looking like I put some weird eye shadow on his eye, but I keep reminding myself we STIll have not had to go get stitches for either boy yet (knock on wood) which I thought would be a regular thing with boys (especially these 2 wild ones)so I consider us doing pretty good so far!
(I also had to snap these while he was eating because it is the only time he is somewhat sitting still.)
This has not phased or stopped Hunter one bit, except when he wants you to draw him (which is more often than you would think) he wants you to add a black eye on his face.


  1. bless him! I'm glad he's OK! Look at those eyelashes!

  2. are you so cool that you can write on your photos???? You are so blog sauvy! Poor Hunty!!!

  3. Oh No!! I hope you get better soon and we can't wait to see you next week. Please come down Tuesday night so I can see you on Wednesday! I'm headed to the lake for the day Wednesday to get in some extra time with yall since we'll be all over the place Thursday!

  4. Ouch! Poor guy! On a side note, he has gorgeous eyelashes!