Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Sunday Funnies and More Fall Pictures

Yesterday this was a conversation I had with Hunter...
H: Mommy, where do we live?
Me: Hunty you tell me, where DO we live?
H: Tennessee
Me: That's right! Where do Mimi and Da live?
H: Tennessee too
Me: Yes! Where do Grammie and Pop live?
H: Sweet Home Ababama
My smart little cookie!

Here are some more pics from Halloween...though these were the morning of at Gentry's Farm and a few days before that carving pumpkins.

This first picture isn't a great one of the boys but this truck is always there right when you come in, so it has become a tradition over the past 3 years to get their picture there. I also had to show the whole thing because that was how the sky looked that whole day of was very eerie!

Next stop: The Corn Maze
Hunty taking off as soon as we got to it! I literally had to run pretty fast to keep up with him! Thank goodness for the splits in the maze!

Daddy and Drakey walking through the maze

Every time we would come to a split (there were literally about 50), Hunter would say "Which way you wanna go...this way, or this way?" and hold out his hands...he is so silly!

Showing the little guys it was more than just a maze, but it was actual corn!

Bad mistake. Hunty wanted to pick corn the rest of the way even though the sign going into the maze clearly stated to NOT pick the corn...whopsee...

See sign below

After the Maze:
Running from the tent to the next hiding place...

Drakey found Hunty hiding in the little house (see his little face in the crescent shape in the house). Not quite sure what purpose it served, but the little guys seemed to love it

Then to the straw maze...

Through the tunnel...

Then up the ladder to go down the slide! (I think Hunter went about 5 times to every Drake's 1)

D made it to the bottom! YAY!

Having fun on the tire swings!

Hunty waiting his turn

The Grain tables...they could have played there for HOURS! And we would have happily let them except it was past nap time and it was getting colder by the minute that day...

Riding the mini-tractors

Fill-er up with gas!

The chickens were running around everywhere, which was different this year, they have never let them do that before and the boys, especially Drake LOVED it! He chased them all over the place!

I hate that the quality of this picture isn't great, but Drake is screaming at the chicken...which meant it was time to go...

We were so cold we by-passed the Hay ride. I was not too sad. There is always next year!

Now onto our pumpkins...

Carving the pumpkins!

Hunter desparately wanted a knife too, so I let him have a butter knife...he thought he was cutting the pumpkin and that was all that mattered!

The boys LOVED their little baby boy pumpkins!

The finished product!

And then onto Daddy's "fancy" pumpkin he wanted to do.

This was Daddy's pumpkin. So we had: Mommy pumpkin, 2 little boy pumpkins, and Daddy the pirate...

Halloween donuts to start the sugar spree off right!

And then this is what happens after too much sugar...


  1. Such cute pictures!! I love the pumpkins! :)

  2. Sweet Home Alabama...i lOVE it! All these pictures are adorable!!!! So much fun!!!

  3. So funny! I laughed out loud at Drake yelling at the chicken! :) They are so precious and looks like yall have so much fun as a family!