Monday, November 2, 2009

Giddey-Up it's Halloween!!!!!

Our little cowboys went Trick-Or-Treating at Mimi and Da's first...

Trying to get a family picture but to no avail since Hunty likes his gun a little too much.

Our cute little cowboys being silly with Da

Enjoying a sucker very very early on in the evening

Doing a little more Trick-or-Treating in Mimi and Da's neighborhood and getting the hang of it pretty well!

Then Hunty got to go Trick-or-Treat with one of his big buddies Hudson a.k.a Lightning McQueen (you can already see why they like each other so much!) and could not have been more excited

This was the only picture we had of all 4 boys...which is sad because they were all so cute! Hunty Drake, Hudson and little brother Dylan

Drakey was quite excited about all the candy and people everywhere!

Hunty getting super excited about candy too!

LOVING the horsey swing. It fit in perfectly with the little cowboy!

Go Go Go! Hudson and Hunty were so fast going from house to house and really had the hang of it!

Drakey, on the other hand, wanted to stop after each house and attempt to eat all the candy he just got. But I think by next year he will have the hang of it. Hope you had a very Happy Halloween!


  1. We love the photos!!! Christopher even said, "They're so cuuuute!" Can't wait to see you guys at Thanksgiving.

  2. I love the photos too and I miss yall so much!

  3. Love them!! Perfect costumes for little boys! :) I love that Drake just wanted to eat candy as it was handed out! Too cute! xxo

  4. Okay, that horsey swing rocks! Very cool.

  5. What adorable cowboys! You did a great job documenting!! Btw, we are going to call Copeland Cope for short! Hope yall are doing good!