Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Foot comes to town!!!

And who was there to see it? None other than Hunty and his daddy! After they went to the Monster Truck show last Saturday night and drank a $9 cup of lemonade Hunter can't stop saying "CRUSH IT" but it sounds more like "cruuuuuuush iyat" in his lowest voice he can muster. Here are a few pictures from the main event!

Hunter standing next to the truck that brought in Big Foot

Hunty and Daddy in front of Biiiig Fooooot

Hunty in front of Bear Foot? Never heard of that one...regardless it looks big!

The two boys taking a picture with the General Lee

Hunty and the arena

Hunter with a BMX biker

Drinking his $9 lemonade ($9 seriously??) but TOTALLY worth it to be able to do this with his daddy! And lets be honest, he looks pretty darn cute in the arena chair.

The only lady driver, AND she tipped over (of course)

Truck crushin some cars...yeehaw!

I think the boys had a blast!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Love was in the air...

On Valentines Day! These are some pictures of the 2 silly boys.

On Valentines morning they got a few treats too...

Some presents from Mommy and Daddy and Grammie and Pop

Hunty opening...

A Lightning McQueen book, a new red shirt, and 2 more Cars...Ramone and Wingo!!!!

Now its Boppy's turn...

A set of new assorted sports balls (his obsession...we are not taking recruitment calls yet though)

Enjoying their beloved DumDums...the key to getting Hunter to do pretty much anything I need him to do

Hunty with Da when he and Mimi came by to bring them some Valentines

The boys opening up their gifts from Mimi and Da

Kyle's Valentines present...

Mrs. Judy and Ms. Annie stopped by and look what they brought the boys!!! They were in heaven with all their balloons for days (as a matter of fact the big one of Winnie the Poo and Piglet is still on the top of our vaulted ceiling...)

And Mrs. Judy and Annie brought them yummy cookies too! They made Valentines for the boys that is for sure!

And then at Wednesday night church (which was obviously not on Valentines, but I had to post this picture anyways because it is about love right?) the boys were having a blast riding the little roller thingy together! It was too cute to pass up!
P.S. I apologize for the video not working in the last one... have no idea what I am doing and still don't! Hopefully I can figure it out one day!!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Like father like son...and a few funny things

One of Kyle's favorite things to eat is Cheerios and Apple Juice. Apparently it has been for about 28 years now. I enjoy it also because it is easy for me to fix:)!! And both our boys love it too. Here they all are eating their cheerios together the other morning. And here Hunter (in Lightning McQueen jamies of course) smiling with daddy Over the month of January there have been a few other things that I thought were particularly cute or funny... One day a few weeks ago Drake decided that he HAD to wear big brother's rain coat, and wore it ALL I had to snap a few pictures of him playing with it on. It was just too funny and cute! Next, my creative Hunterbean wanted to hang out with me back in the bathroom while I was getting ready to go to dinner. He brought in his Lightning McQueen cars, got out the roll of toilet paper to make a "Street" and off he went in to imagination land just making cars noises and wreck noises (one of his favorite things, why do boys like wrecks so much?) for a good bit. I just love the fact that he can entertain himself so well at times...even if it does require me to throw away, or try and re-roll a roll of toilet paper! (sorry not very green huh?) And then last thing (I promise) is a video of the boys stomping on bubble wrap I had out to box up Grammie's birthdya present to mail (Happy Bday again Grammie...thanks for the fun we had getting your present packaged up!!). Wait till you hear what Hunter called the bubble wrap. It had been a long day that day and this moment made it worth it!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Man after my Own Heart...

These are the exact words my husband said this morning about Hunter and me. After church it was A GORGEOUS day. 66 degrees and sunny! You can't ask for better weather than that in Nashville on the first day of February. We were outside throwing the football with our boys and after Hunter caught it, he ran inside (we left the backdoor open to let fresh air into the house) set the football down, fixed a few pillows on our couch, picked the football back up and ran outside and threw it back to Kyle. Could this poor boy be my clone?? I thought only I would do something like that, and I guess he has been watching mommy multi-task a little too much lately!
Though we didn't get any good pics of Hunty outside (he got sidetracked with his trains), we got some great ones of Drake who is shockingly great at catching the football...and throwing it for that matter!

I sure hope this is not a sign that he is destined to play Alabama football...I might cry. Kyle, on the other hand, couldn't ask for anything more!!!

While we are on the subject of sports, I also have to say, as of the past few weeks, if Hunter is running and happens to fall, even when we think it looks like he is about to cry, he will look up and say...."SAFE!!!!!!" It is hysterical!!!!!!
This was one of those moments we happen to be able to catch a picture of a few weekends ago