Monday, August 31, 2009

Shopping with Mom and being a Soccer Mom!

So this past weekend was EXTREMELY FUN and a bit sad.
The fun = going to Chicago on a shopping trip with my mom who is one of my best friends in the world, and another one of my best friends in the world, Miller, and her mom, Eboo!
The sad = I missed Hunty's first soccer game. We planned this trip at the beginning of July so I had NO IDEA it would be the weekend of his first game otherwise I never would have planned it this way. However, what's done is done and Kyle got some adorable pictures for me!


We arrived at about 10am Chicago time, checked into The Drake (our hotel, not my child for anyone not familiar with Chicago), collected our game plan and hit Michigan Avenue.
A view from The Drake on the the lake and a beach volleyball tournament.

We stopped and had a great lunch at a restaurant in the Water Tower (cannot remember the name at the moment)

Hit more stores and headed back to the hotel about 5:30ish.
Mom and I quite tired, sitting in the couch on the elevator after our 1st day of shopping...we had to take a good half hour to freshen up before cocktails in the hotel and then on to Second City!

Possibly my favorite pic of the trip...Miller in the front seat of the cab on the way to Second City

A picture of the 4 of us at Second City. I have never laughed to hard in my life while also being embarrassed at several of the things that were said while I was sitting with my mom!

Mom and Eboo

Me and Miller, or Ebony and Ivory as we would like to call ourselves:)

Another pic of the 4 of us after Second City

The next morning we woke up and decided to go to a part of town called Southport in Chicago that is filled with little boutiques and wonderful little places to eat.
A quick pic in the lobby with Mom before more shopping on Saturday

At the Southport Grocery for was Divine!

I wish I had more pictures of Southport b/c it was so cute! I also wish I had a picture at dinner Saturday night. We ate a french restaurant, called Bistro 110. I highly recommend it and the food was wonderful! But I failed to be a good photographer because I was caught up in the fun we had. It was a blast!


Who CARES if Kyle banned lace and knee socks on boys from the moment we found out we were having a boy. And who cares if he LOATHES john-johns, smocked things and monogrammed clothes on boys (those things physically make him ill which is why they can only wear them to church and school) because I have never in my life seen anything as cute as this:

Getting to do a corner kick

Kyle calls this one "Fearless" because he just ran through a pack of the other team with the ball

Hunter stealing the ball

some more kicking...some in our goal, some in theirs...tomato, tomahhhto

Hunty and Jack taking off

Da walking around with Drakey during the game...he always wants to play with his big brother so badly!

Some of Hunty's buddies on his team: Hudson, Frank, Duncan, Jack and James

GOOOOO GREEN GRAPES!!!!!! Did I mention their team name is the Green Grapes!!!!!!!

Eating his snack with Daddy and Grammie after the game

And afterwards playing on the playground

Swinging with Pop

Drakey on the see-saw!

What a fun day!!!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Take me out to the ballgame AND a wedding!

This past weekend was another fun one but was jam-packed with activities! Last night we went to the Sounds Game and the boys loved it! They didn't sit still to watch to much of it, but loved going up and down the bleachers and aisles.

Drakey watching the game...for a few moments...

Hunty giving High-5's

Hunty's Biiiig bite of ice cream

sweet Mrs. Nancy feeding Drakey ice cream

Drakey TERRIFIED of Ozzie the mascot. I think it has scared him for life:(

The weekend in general was an absolute blast! We went to Birmingham for a wedding that Kyle was in and the boys stayed home with my parents. I feel bad because my parents help us out so much and we are soooo lucky to have them in town and I never give them credit for all that they do for us. I also realized that even though we have thousands of pictures of them with the boys I don't think I have put any up on the blog! But they deserve to be here and be seen! So sorry mom and dad we love you and I am not sure how I would have survived the past 2 years without you!!! We love you very much and thank you for watching our little guys!!!
(I forgot my camera at the rehersal dinner so I only have pictures from the wedding but it was a beautiful wedding with no detail spared and we had so much fun catching up with old friends.)

Grammie, Pop, Me and Kyle at the wedding

Getting to hang out with some of our best friends, Jeffery and Laura that we always have too much fun with

Getting to catch up with April, a sorority sister from Auburn

A few handsome men


Thursday, August 13, 2009

Catching Up...

Well, I know I am not the most prompt blogger but I still have to share a few pics of my sweet niece who was born 1 month ago!!! I meant to post about that, but it was during one of my frequent blog hiatuses. Anyways, Kyle's little sister and her husband had a beautiful baby girl named Anne Morgan and here are a few pics of her when she was born!
Drakey studying Anne Morgan...he kept wanting to touch her and lay on her and then every once in a while he would look up with his finger over his mouth and say "Shhhh"

Hunty with his Aunt B looking at Anne Morgan (or Anne Organ as her calls her)

Uncle Kyle holding Anne Morgan for the first time

Little A.M looking at Uncle Kyle

look at that sweet face and hands!!!

Aunt Kiki with A.M. (I know, my hair is just crazy...what can I say?)

Drakey loving on A.M some more

The next thing I know Drake has gone in her room and climbed on her changing table!! Oh no, here we go again!

A.M. so little in her swing!!!

Drakey cannot get enough of her! He wanted to watch her all the time!

Sweet little yawn!

Jenny and her baby

I love this pic of Jenny holding her little girl. She is such a good, calm, caring mom. A lot more calm than I can tell she is a already a pro!

Another sweet little yawn and stretch, and then it was time to change her and she started crying...

And this was Dake's face...he did NOT like seeing her cry!

Drakey trying to look and see what is going on now...I just love this picture of all 3 of them!

Drakey has to touch her to make sure she is okay

Now that she is okay, on to her books! Sorry A.M.!