Sunday, April 12, 2009

Camera Dilemma..need suggestions!

Well...we still do not have our camera fixed b/c once we got to the store it was going to cost just as much to fix it as it would be to buy a new camera. Which then opened the door as to which camera to buy. I have a small Canon that I love and takes great pics, but my sister-in-law, in-laws and a few friends have the big daddys that take fabulous pics and we would love to have one since memories from the pictures are priceless. But this is my problem. 80% or more of my time is just me and the kiddos. If we are out and about somewhere it would be hard for me to
#1 lug a diaper bag plus a big camera bag around
#2 be able to chase my wild boys around with a nice new camera and I certainly cannot just set it down. I mean, when we are at the park, 2 hands alone is not enough! Between pushing one on a swing, helping another up those crazy ladders that 2 yr olds should not be allowed on, chase one through a field, grab a hand that is about to throw sand on another poor child, hold a hand on a balance beam and so on. You think I am sitting on a bench watching my children play...YEA FREAKIN RIGHT! It is non stop action in 2 different directions. So I enjoy having one I can just throw in my pocket. Now I know you may say, have a big nice one and a small one. That would be nice for sure, but since one camera is broken, I can only be on the market for one camera right now, not 2!
Any suggestions as to which you prefer or would suggest for this situation?? I need camera help!


  1. I am dying for a big one...several of my friends have them and they are amazing. My girlfriend has a two year old and a four month old and she just wears hers when she goes places like the park across her shoulder like a messenger bag. That's what I would do.

  2. GET A SMALL ONE!!!!! I never took the big one anywhere b/c it was so big and heavy and I tried a few times, but I would catch it right before it whacked Sophie in the head. Wait and get a big one later when the boys are a little older and into sports and you really need the "skills" that an SLR will give you and a point and shoot can't. I may not see you as much as your friends do, but I know how your kids play (like mine) and the smaller one would be much easier. One thing to think about is, would you rather just have the photos or do they need to be the best quality photos. But that's my opinion. Once you buy the big you start adding lenses and flashes, etc. and those can REALLY add up!

  3. Here's what we'll do. I'll quit my job and just follow you and the boys around with my "big" camera and capture every moment of your life! Its a win,!

  4. have the right idea here!
    Aunt B-you are right...I would much rather have more pictures in general over fewer pictures but nice quality! good thoughts ladies!

  5. Caroline,
    Go BIG! I have the cannon (like Elizabeth's) and it is just wonderful!! Trust me, you will want to haul it everywhere and won't really mind bc of what wonderful pictures it takes.