Friday, April 17, 2009

No Response

So yesterday while driving in the car I yell out "Look, Fire Truck! How cool!" What happened then? Absolutely nothing, no response. Oh yeah, the boys are at Mothers Day Out. I immediately and instantly felt alone and sad (and a little silly). But I am used to pointing out every skid steer, digger, forklift, tractor, big rig, fire engine, police car, crane, helicopter, plane, or any other non-car transportation you can possibly see because that is what my boys love! A lot of times they will point them out to me even. It is what makes riding in the car fun for them. It is what makes getting to run errands in the car last a little longer. It is another thing I have realized that I am going to miss when they are older and don't want to even hear my voice. My eyes well with tears when I think about all the things that I do now out of sheer habit that I never did before...and I do them because I have 2 precious boys. Yesterday afternoon was a hard one. Just normal mom stuff that makes you want to ring their neck and making my afternoon insufferable, but then I think about the moment I had when I wanted to share the excitement of seeing a fire engine. Fire engines were NEVER exciting before, but now they always are...


  1. HA! That just made me laugh out loud!! What a sweet post!

  2. that's awesome!!!! i couple times i've seen things i wish c-man was around to see too.

  3. i totally understand!! So sweet!!