Friday, April 3, 2009

Blog Hiatus

SO I have been totally nonexistent to the blogging/Internet world except to check my email twice in the past almost 3 weeks now. It has not been intentional, but last week was INSANELY busy with details and events I won't even bore you with, and the week before I packed up the boys and we headed down to the lake in AL where Kyle's parents live. It was the boys "Spring Break" from Mothers Day Out (seriously people, spring break for 1 and 2 yr olds at MDO at church?...where they gonna go, Vegas? They wish! No, they don't but I do! For me, not them...ANYWAYS) Sadly Kyle stayed back in Ole' Nashville but it was good for him b/c he has been so busy at work and I think he kind of enjoyed being able to work late and not feel guilty about it, or bringing work home and being able to do it in hopefully it helped him too. All though we all missed him TERRIBLY!!!
I could have shot myself in the foot though b/c I forgot our camera and forgot to copy the pictures from Grammie and Pop's camera before we left, but I will get them eventually! We had so much fun though. I got to sleep in until 8 or 8:30 every morning we were there which is a bigger treat than anyone could possible imagine, plus both boys slept exceptionally well for not only not being at home, but in general! I got to actually begin putting pictures in albums (which i have not had time to do since Drake has been born), look at magazines, and my favorite thing in the world, laying on their porch swing on their screened in porch overlooking the lake and taking a nap, listening to the wind blow through the trees, hearing doggies bark and just. doing. nothing. It is absolutely serene. Here is a picture of me napping there last May, but just so you can get an idea

Thank you for all that Grammie and Pop!!!!!
We also got to see Jennifer/ Aunt Jenny, Kyle's little sister who is due in July and she looks so adorable pregnant. Hunter literally slept through our whole dinner on my shoulder (not something a 2 1/2 yr old does much anymore) but she is always so sweet to my boys and will be such a great mommy!

On a completely different note, since i have no pictures to post since now our camera is broken and I have to get it fixed tomorrow...I really wanted to share this song that I found from one of the youth Sundays last year (a service where the high school youth leads, liturgy, sermons, offering, everything) that really touched me. I have been wanting to take the words and have a calligrapher (or someone with MUCH better handwriting than I) write them down and have it framed to look at a lot more often than I do. I tear up every time I read it and think how we are all God's children and all have a special role to play. But I often forget that...I forget that His plans are the important ones, not mine. And I sometimes struggle finding the balance of just falling on my knees and asking Him to take over verses trying to handle it on my own. There is a defining balance of being who we are as individuals, yet still allowing God to direct us and lead us...
And for all those moments that I feel like I have let Him down, my family down, or myself down, and for all the moments that I wish I had not spent wallowing about how hard things seemed, it helps remind me despite my feelings and my ugliness, His forgiveness and mercy are much greater when we talk to Him and ask for His grace.

"Take This Moment" by John Bell

Take this moment sign and space, take my friends around;
Here among us make the place where your love is found.
Take this time to call my name, take the time to mend who
I am and what I've been, all I've failed to tend.
Take the tiredness of my days, take my past regret,
letting your forgiveness touch all I can't forget.
Take the little child in me, scared of growing old;
Help me here to find my worth, made in Christ's own mold.
Take my talents, take my skill, take what's yet to be;
let my life be yours and yet, let it still be me.

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  1. the lyrics to that song are so beautiful! I'm so glad you shared them!!!