Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!

Well, all in all it was a GREAT weekend! Kyle got Good Friday off which was just amazing for me to have him home! I cannot tell you how much I miss having him around! He is such a good daddy and so much fun for the boys.
Friday we spent the morning at home and then about 11 decided we would make our first trip ever to Chucky Cheese(I almost shiver in horror writing the name.) I can asure you I will be fullfilled if I NEVER go back again! We pulled up right when it started to rain, and then the storms got worse. We were on lockdown in Chucky Cheese for over 2 hours...I am pretty sure I was paying for some horrible sin I had commited at some point in my life at that moment becuase it was so torturous. There was incredibly rude and obnoxious worker (he had to have been a teenager to make it worse) there that told me he could care less about the game that ate 2 coins and would not come on.

This was our conversation:
Me: "Excuse me, my 2 yr old tried 2 coins in the horse and it never came on."
Obnoxious worker: "Yeaa, we're not really concerned about fixing a game right now, we're more concerned about tornados."
Me: "Oh, I didn't want y'all to have to fix it, I just wanted to see if my 2 yr old could get his coins back to play something else."
O.W. "Yyyeeaaa, we're really not concerned about that right now."

That was the icing on the cake that made Chucky Cheese the pit of you know where. Mind you this was an hour after we wanted to leave which was also an hour past their nap time and there was no way either child would be able to fall asleep in there with constant games ringing, Mouse talking, drinks slurping, and an occasional shreak of horror worried a tornado was about to hit us and we were all stuck inside the back half of CH.CH. because the front half had a lot of windows which we could not go near. THANK GOODNESS MY HUSBAND WAS THERE WITH ME!!!!

Anyways, after we did leave, the boys did took a nap and all was well.

Saturday morning we woke up to go to the Nashville Zoo for the "Easter Eggstravaganzoo" It really entailed several different events throughout the day that will be much more fun when the boys are older, but the only one we really took part of was one of the egg hunts that they did accoding to age. Here are some pics of my sweet boys...neither one quite getting what in the world was going on, but none the less enjoying it!

I have to note that it was FREEEEEZING!!!!!

The zoo workers laying the 30,000 empty eggs in the field. Their goal: doesn't matter if you get 1 egg or 50 eggs, you turn them all in and get a prize. It was actually a smart idea since they were having to cater to thousands of people. There were 6 different hunts and they reused the eggs each time.

Hunter putting grass, not eggs in his basket...nice

My cuties now putting all their eggs in one basket. HA!

Mayhem at the 2 and under egg hunt

Hunter's proud!

Hunty then decides to dump them out...

Proud daddy and boys in front of dumped eggs

Walking to turn in our eggs and redeem our prize!

Afterwards we did walk around a bit but only made it to 3 different animal stops (we knew the boys limits and we didn't want to overdo it after the egg hunt).
First stop, the River hogs
At the river Hogs Hunter says
"Hi hogs! Hunter is here hogs! I'm here hogs!" It was so sweet

Next stop, the farm animals but the only ones Hunty was really excited to see were
the chickens. At the chickens Hunter says
"Hi Chickens...I just love chickens" "Don't want to touch the chickens. I love chickens" I was laughing so hard at that sweet boy

Last stop, the elephants and giraffes.

Boys were very tired by this point and almost didn't care anymore
We took our cue to go home after we saw them.

Later that day we went to an Easter Egg hunt at a boys house from Mothers Day Out. This is how Hunter hunts
1. Finds the egg
2. Stops to open the egg
3. Eats the entire contents
4. Throws it down in search of another which by that point the rest are usually gone
Maybe we will figure out how to really do it next year
Drake on the other hand was picking up pine cones and throwing them in Hunter's basket, not his own. I mean, forget eggs when you can find pinecones!!! Oh my sweet Drake.
Sadly I have no pictures of this hunt becasue Kyle was playing golf and I couldn't manage the broken camera and the boys.

Easter Morning was started off at church (we could not get our act together for enough time to do the Easter bunny before hand) but here were their Easter baskets
Hunty: Lightning McQueen gear
Drake: Elmo!

On the way to church Hunter was making Drake laugh so hard which was hysterical and I would give anything to have had it on tape, but we were doing good to hold our camera together just to take some pics.

After church we went to Mimi and Da's for Easter brunch and a little egg hunt.
This was the best picture of the 2 of them, but of course it was blurry...blasted camera!

Bops playing with the hammer

Hunty saying "Just one more chocolate"(he decided to delve right into the candy before lunch)

Bops running around

Now he's riding the "4-wheeler"

Hunty kissing a chick he found in an egg

The 2 guys playing with their Easter finds

Da helping Bops find some eggs too!

Hunty found an egg in the tree

My poor mom brought some eggs home from Germany and Drakey saw it and was kicking it around thinking it was a ball...whoopseee...

But when he finally kicked it open he found a fire engine in the egg and he loved it!

I just coudln't believe I caught Hunty mid-air while playing. This may be my favorite picture ever!

Hunter found a car in one of his eggs too...

And then he found another egg...

With a chickadee in it!

Back to a little more off roading!

Happy Easter!!!


  1. oh my word. i'm worn out just reading all of this fun stuff. what a busy weekend! wow! glad that you guys had a happy easter.

  2. this is the best recap. i love all the pictures!! Can't believe the CH.CH. scandal...actually i can...loathe that place!!! see you tonight!

  3. How fun! Now I do have to admit that Chucky Cheese's sounded pretty miserable! I love their Easter outfits!! Can't wait to see all of you again, hope it's soon!

  4. PRECIOUS!!! I love all the pictures! Drake's curls are beyond beautiful! I would have slit my wrists locked in Chucky Cheese. I also love that they had such a sweet take on the method of Easter egg hunting! Hope to see y'all soon!

  5. Haha I was cracking up about the Chuckie Cheese incident! That does sound like a nightmare! But all the Easter festivities look so cute and like so much fun! I love the boys Easter outfits!!!

  6. Those boys are JUST PRECIOUS!! Glad to see Simms' wasn't the only one who got something related to Elmo in her basket!!! :-)